Time Limit foTime Limit for Approach in Bowlingr Approach in BowlingIn league bowling, is there a time limit for how long it takes for you to actually bowl after you have setup?

For some league bowlers, there is nothing more annoying than when someone is not even at the lane when it is their turn to bowl, but what about the time it takes to setup and deliver your ball?

Interestingly enough… There is no USBC/ABC/WIBC/YABA Rule on this.

From our research, we found some people saying that the PBA/TV imposed a 25-30 second implementation, but we can’t find any real proof of that other than it would make for bad TV, (and that could be for both shots combined).

The only reference to “Time Limit” in the 2015-1016 USBC Rulebook is:

111f. Time Limit for Bowling
Pre-bowled/postponed games must be bowled as follows:
1. Prior to the date of scheduled competition for final team standings for the season or each segment
of a split season; or
2. Within seven days when the postponement is granted for the last day of a segment
(split season leagues); or
3. Within seven days when the postponement is granted for the last day of the schedule

So it appears that lane approach time falls more into the Bowling Etiquette category, rather than a rule. So if you are one of those bowlers that gets frustrated because someone takes a little longer than others to bowl, there is really nothing you can do about that other than to remind them of Lane Etiquette.

So, let’s take this moment to review Lane Courtesy and Lane Etiquette of Bowling.

  • Wait for the bowler to your right to deliver his/her ball if you’re both bowling at about the same time.
  • Remain behind your fellow bowler while he/she is bowling.
  • Confine your bowling to your own lane. (Keith E.)
  • Observe the foul line, even in casual play. Play fair.
  • Never bowl in street shoes. (Hans D.)
  • Avoid using someone else’s ball without permission.
  • Limit swearing and bad language as much as possible.
  • Be ready when it’s your turn.

Stay focused, go bowling! That’s how we roll!

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